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Planning a Group Tour……it’s not as easy as it might seem. Choosing the best hotel, best location, best attractions, best restaurants……and then putting it all together in a timed itinerary……and every group needs a local guide……it may not be as simple as one might think……and what about deposits, guarantees, insurance, and, most of all, the phone calls, call backs, and last minute cancellations? With us, you make one call……we’re always available……and you write one check……and, most of all, if you choose a wholesale tour company and you write one check, you will want to be certain that your money is safe……check us out……we are financially stable. When you send a big check to a supplier, you want to know that your money is safe and your tour is secure. You can be certain that your money is safe & secure with Art Henry. I have been in business for 34 years and have had the same banker (Ken Warren) for the last 20 years……don’t hesitate to ask me for Ken’s phone number or e-mail address! I think financial stability should be a deciding factor for you……think about it.

Art Henry’s Tours is a small company that provides superior service. When you call, you won’t get the runaround. You will talk to someone who can answer your question. There is no “let me talk to my supervisor” or “I don’t know”. Our least experienced person has over a decade of tour receptive experience. When you call, you will get an answer on the spot.

Additionally, when calling Art Henry’s Tours, you will speak to someone who listens and is pleasant. We speak in a way you can understand. Of course we get busy at times, but that’s no excuse to be rude or rush through a call. If necessary, we’ll return your call within the hour. Quick, clear, and decisive communication with every client is our goal.

With Art Henry’s Tours, you’ll be led by tour guides who live in and know the area. We don’t just arrange the tour and then send you off with a “Bon Voyage”. Your group will be met by a local guide who will escort you throughout your stay, taking care of the “how to get to each place” and “what to do upon arrival”, leaving you free to focus on your passengers.

In addition, we have spent years building up connections. Can’t get into that sold out show……perhaps we can. Can’t afford that hotel everyone is raving about……we can probably arrange a group discount. The value of local people who know the area and have established connections help you to travel confidently and with certainty that all your special travelers will be treated as VIP’s. With all these advantages, why use another tour company? Call us today and get a “tour partner”!
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