Why use Art Henry Tours

Art Henry Tours has been planning quality trips for over 40 years. We will be happy to provide references from other groups and/or suppliers we've worked with over the years and they'll be happy to tell you what kind of company we are. We've built our reputation on integrity right from the start and we believe in treating each group individually and fairly. We also believe in putting together wonderful trips for you and your passengers. We know that, for some of your passengers, it might be the only time in their life they will visit our destination and we want them to go home happy knowing that they saw all of the "must see" things to do there.

James Murphy - President

James has been planning trips throughout the South and beyond for over 25 years with Art Henry Tours. He started his career in the travel industry as Art Henry’s assistant in 1997 learning about the group tour business. He worked his way up to manager and took over day to day operations in 2016. When Art retired in 2020, James and his wife Kay purchased the company. There is nothing that James enjoys more than planning trips for groups. As he likes to say, "This may be the only time someone visits a place and I want them to have the best experience possible".

His email is: James@ArtHenry.com

Ruth Ann Peters - Group Sales Manager

Ruth Ann retired from 8 years of senior living executive management and 15 years in healthcare leadership roles where her daily focus was creating positive memorable customer experiences. She began working at Art Henry Tours in July 2022 as a sales manager. Her extensive travels within the states and Caribbean defines her ability to plan trips for groups of all sizes. Are you ready to see new sights, meet new people and experience different cultures? Ruth Ann is ready to plan your group’s next memorable adventure!

Her email is: RuthAnn@ArtHenry.com

Laura Scarborough - Group Sales Manager

Laura Scarborough is brand new to our team at Art Henry Tours as a Group Sales Manager. Laura is a farmer's daughter from the confluence of the Mississippi and Missouri Rivers. Perhaps that explains her great affinity to all bodies of water, she loves to water ski on lakes, she would love to explore more rivers by canoe and kayak, and really is itching to spend more time on the ocean. She also loves collecting cookbooks and finding local food favorites while traveling. Laura loves to entertain, creating themed parties and menus to match. She is known for making her grandmother's cinnamon rolls and with her husband's help delivers them to neighbors on Christmas morning. Laura and her husband are passionate about old buildings. They are restoring an 1885 historic home in Alton, IL, and posting progress on the Facebook page. She found her dream job as a Travel Club Coordinator, then spent some time in finance before finding her way back to the travel industry.

Her email is: Laura@ArtHenry.com

Sara Peper - Marketing Manager

Sara Peper is the new Marketing Manager for Art Henry Tours. She is coming back to the workforce after being a stay-at-home mom for the last 10 years and working with her significant other in his business. Sara lives in the Sunshine State near the most Magical Place on Earth. Before becoming a stay-at-home mom, she worked in an Accounting department at a car dealership and holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting. Sara grew up traveling all over the U.S. and still loves to this day to travel. Her family loves to travel to the Caribbean. In her spare time, Sara gets crafty and loves to make and create items with her Cricut. She is happy to join Art Henry Tours in her role as marketing manager to help spread her creativity.

Her email is: Sara@ArtHenry.com