Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I use a tour company vs planning a trip on my own?

With over 40 years of experience, Art Henry Tours knows all the best things for your group to do while visiting any of our destinations. With knowledgeable local guides in each destination, your trip will run smoothly from start to finish.

Will we be rushed from one activity to the next or enjoy a more leisurely pace?

That’s the great thing about booking with Art Henry Tours, we customize all of our packages so whatever your group likes is what we do. Some groups love to "pack it all in" and "be on the go" nonstop; other groups prefer to have more free time. With Art Henry Tours, you'll get the exact trip you and your passengers want.

What happens if we book but then need to cancel?

At Art Henry Tours, we try to be as flexible as possible. We understand that not every group gets enough to run and we give you plenty of time to get your passengers signed up without penalty.

What does the price you quote not include?

Since we customize all of our packages, we can include whatever you would like. Our "typical" packages include hotel, shows, attractions, meals, and local guide, along with a reduced rate for your driver and a complimentary package for your escort. We can also include the motorcoach, airfare, guide gratuities, most anything you want.

Why should I use Art Henry Tours vs another company?

Art Henry Tours knows how to "do it right". We will be happy to provide references from other groups we've worked with and/or suppliers we have built long-term business relationships with and they'll all be happy to tell you what kind of company we are. We've built our reputation on integrity right from the start and we believe in treating each group individually and fairly. We also put together wonderful trips for you and your passengers, we know that, for some of your passengers, it might be the only time in their life they will visit our destination and we want them to go home happy knowing that they saw all of the "must see" things to do there.

Do you create new tours as requested by your clients? If so, have you been to these destinations?

We absolutely do! We consider ourselves partners with our customers and we work diligently to keep things fresh in our "regular" destinations, as well as developing new places to send our regular customers. We attend ABA, NTA, STS, and many other shows to keep up to date on what's available for groups. In addition, we visit all of our destinations on a regular basis and we visit any new destination before we start selling it.

Is Art Henry a real person?

This is my favorite question! Yes, Art Henry is a real person. He founded our company back in 1978 and retired in 2020.